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2446510, lol.
Posted by Vex_id, Sun May-17-15 05:45 PM
>It was not a spectacular triumph. bulls seemed equally as
>banged up.

Wrong. Andy V missed the whole series. Kevin Love missed the whole series. J.R. missed 2 games. Kyrie badly banged up and couldn't play game 6. Shump? banged up. Bron? playing on a bad ankle.

Bulls? Gasol missed 2 games.

Interesting math re: 'equally banged up.'

I mean i love it, but it's beyond silly. Everybody acknowledges (even bulls fans) that this was the opportunity for them to beat a seriously depleted Bron team.

Fact of the
>matter is Cleveland has beaten two teams they should have.
>Nothing Lebron has done these playoffs is of historic

How many players in the league history have led their team to 5 straight Conference Finals?

Actually Lebron
>did get another historic individual achievement with tying
>Jordan at one record can't remember which one.

Most playoff games with 30+ points, 5+ rebounds, and 5+ assists.