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Topic subjectreally, considering how awkward it is w/the Cavs
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2446458, really, considering how awkward it is w/the Cavs
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun May-17-15 05:15 PM
with all the injuries, and while I don't put TOO much stock in the rumor mill, there has been a bit of incongruity between what LeBron wants to do and what Blatt wants to do as coach. For the most part, a LeBron return was a pipe dream (no JR) the Cavs didn't exactly plan for, and they had chosen Blatt well before the pipe dream came true.

it's created a situation where everyone except Blatt gets credit if they do well, and he gets all the blame when they lose. Which is just some BS. I mean, I was mad at the last 40 seconds of Game 4 against the Bulls like everyone else, but he does deserve credit for what has gone well. LeBron gives a LOT to any team he's on, but can't do everything; this was the lesson (I hope) the Cavs have learned from the last time he was with the team.

We saw this with the Heat/Spoelstra. Just let it play out, is what I say.