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Topic subjectFrom Dave McMenamin (ESPN)
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2446228, From Dave McMenamin (ESPN)
Posted by Vex_id, Sat May-16-15 11:44 PM
"Getting by the Bulls afforded the cavs a 6-day break before their series with the hawks - which is a welcome rest for Lebron's back, Tristan Thompson's shoulder, Shumpert's left groin, and Kyrie Irving's whole body. Irving sat out Saturday's practice and visited team doctors after re-aggravating his foot injury. When asked of Irving's status, Cavs can't say with certainty that he will play game one on Wednesday. The Cavs have gone through so much adversity in the first two rounds that they are getting a crash-course on playoff experience before even reaching the conference finals."

But right - this is just PLEA COPPAGE!