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Posted by j0510, Sat May-16-15 02:41 PM
>>Kelly Dwyer picked the Cavs over the Spurs in 6 games for
>>title. Five of the six analysts at Yahoo Sports had the Cavs
>>in the finals and Dwyer is the only one who picked the Cavs
>>win it all.
>So we've got 1. Cool.

You asked for "one". I gave you "one". Here's "one" more. Jason McIntyre picked the Cavs over the Warriors in 7 games.


^^^All five have the Cavs playing in the Finals. Jason McIntyre and Stephen (sorry no last name is given, possible typo but I cannot say for certain), are the only ones saying the Cavs will win the title.

Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press has the Cavs winning the title.


Over at SI, http://www.si.com/nba/2015/04/17/nba-playoff-predictions-finals-title-spurs-warriors-cavaliers , all five predicted the Cavs in the Finals, though none have the Cavs winning the title.

^^^All this was done with a simple google search. So, it would be disingenuous on your part to keep claiming the Cavs as the underdog and that absolutely no one is picking the Cavs to come out of the East. If you want to claim the Cavs as the underdog for the finals, then that makes sense since most analysts are picking another team other than the Cavs.