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Topic subjectThe Warriors are the only team I think left that can beat the Cavs
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2446084, The Warriors are the only team I think left that can beat the Cavs
Posted by Dr Claw, Sat May-16-15 08:56 AM
in a seven game series.

Note: I am not a citizen of LeBronon, LeBron James just plays for my favorite team and is its best player historically and presently.

I think the Cavs will survive Atlanta, it will be a 6 game endurance for them.

Only because I saw how they struggled against the Wizards (and Paul Pierce was fucking robbed).

I don't see a team like the Warriors having the struggles offensively that Chicago did, and they have 3 pretty consistent players, plus a strong bench.

After their performance against Chicago with no JR for 2 games, no Kyrie for at least 2 games, no Love for the rest of the season, and LeBron shooting like absolute dogshit for 2 of those games, including the series clincher.... I have more confidence in the Cavs than ever, if they can keep up the bench intensity. If LeBron has multiple "salts" games I feel better about them than I ever did the first time he was in Cleveland.

But against the Warriors and that Curry/Thompson/Green trio Cavs are gonna need lots of salts, and they will need Kyrie to stand a chance.