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Topic subjectUh, that seems perfectly reconcilable
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2446051, Uh, that seems perfectly reconcilable
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat May-16-15 01:27 AM
He is not the *only* way to win a title, but he is the only *surefire* way t compete for one.

I mean, is that even a question? This will be his fifth straight Finals. That is something Wilt, Magic, Cap, Bird, Jordan, et al never accomplished, but beyond that it's pretty much proof about his impact on a team, especially considering that he kept not ready for primetime players in the mix (including a finals appearance) prior to that.

This year I think you have to look at a team built as a Big 3 with one of its big 3 available as being at a slight disadvantage against the Western champ. Is that not reasonable? Obviously we will have to see how the other team enters the series, too, but as it is, yes, I think you'd have to consider the Cavs slight underdogs against at least Golden State if not all three remaining teams.