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Topic subjectreally an incredible display from this rag-tag, injured, banged up squad
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2446049, really an incredible display from this rag-tag, injured, banged up squad
Posted by Vex_id, Sat May-16-15 12:55 AM
-Andy V out
-Love out
-Kyrie nowhere near 100% and badly needs rest; getting by on sheer skill and shooting ability
-Bron maxing out on mileage and carrying the cross so that role players can stunt on IG
-Blatt learning how to win playoff games on the fly as a rookie coach and having unfathomably disastrous mental breakdowns in the process.

Such a drastic contrast to the criminally hated on Miami teams that could do no right to #HurtLocker fans despite the fact that they reeled in historic, all-time achievements in just 4 years together.

Cleveland wins this year - it's the UnderGawd feel-good story of the year in all of sports - and nobody would expect it or predict them to win it all (name one analyst who is picking Cleveland to win the title....GO.) but if CLE wins? Obama invites the Cavs & Cav Nots to the White House to lecture the nation on 'perseverance', the value of always knowing where you come from no matter how far you venture away, and how we can learn from the rugby grit of Yung Dova aka John Leg-Locke.

-cues tired ass 'i'm coming home' video montage and spams it in the email inbox of all laker, knicks, bulls, and celtic fans-

BIG 1.5 FTW. Will be fun to see if we can steal the ECF from the home-court advantaged Hawks.

Won't it?