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Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Apr-21-15 09:15 AM

I've said it before:

Outside of Pacquiao, Mayweather, and Wlad, the only fighter
(any weight class) that I'm CONVINCED has supreme slam
dunk hall of fame boxing TALENT is Amir Khan (everyone else
has shit to prove).

I know, the production hasn't matched the skills.

But anything a guy is *this* gifted he's liable to have
a good two year run and fuck around, clean out a division.

Closest example was that Zab Judah run when he beat Corey
Spinks, damn near put Mayweather on the mat....Zab didn't
finish the job because...he's Zab, but he had a good little
run because he's talented and loves to fight

I think Khan is more gifted and at his best is better than
Judah is at his best (which is saying something)

So Khan is still relevant

I haven't given up


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