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Topic subjectChicago Bear great Doug Buffone has died at the age of 70
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2438098, Chicago Bear great Doug Buffone has died at the age of 70
Posted by j0510, Mon Apr-20-15 02:56 PM
2438101, :-(
Posted by dula dibiasi, Mon Apr-20-15 03:00 PM
met doug a couple times on radio show remotes. really nice man. one of the greats in the lineage of bears LBs. RIP.
2438222, RIP to a true Monster of the Midway.
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Apr-21-15 12:00 AM
2438305, RIP, Stop Yourself
Posted by Marauder21, Tue Apr-21-15 10:04 AM
2438340, RIP Big Doug
Posted by Brougham 2334, Tue Apr-21-15 10:40 AM
Grew up on the man. Loved his show with Norm, he made Mike north listenable, and him and OB (damnit) were the best part about any Bears win or loss.