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Topic subjectEreck Flowers, Miami-FL (6'6, 324)
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2429884, Ereck Flowers, Miami-FL (6'6, 324)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Mar-16-15 12:32 AM
I'm not a fan, and frankly, a little confused as to why he's so well-regarded. I suppose he's a strong run blocker, since he can drive with plenty of power, but he also lunges a bunch and doesn't get to linebackers very well. In fact, his whole movement is sloppy, with a "drunk dancing bear" look. The wingspan and size are there in protection, but I've seen him burnt up by speed and he over-commits against counter moves.

Despite all the ugliness he still manages to have shut-out quarters and even whole games. I'm just not sure how he does it. Third round.

+ Brutish run blocker that was usually leading the way on Duke Johnson's bigger plays
+ Great length and size; succeeds in spite of his technique awkwardness
- Horrible at bending at the waist and his kick-slide is vulnerable
- Has more ugly snaps than most potential starters at offensive tackle