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Topic subjectRonald Darby, Florida State (5'11, 195)
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2429882, Ronald Darby, Florida State (5'11, 195)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Mar-16-15 12:30 AM
I've never been too impressed by him. He's hit-or-miss in his primary off-coverage assignments, with the ability to drive hard on the shorter stuff but turned around often on deeper routes.

Even though he's fast, he gets bumped aside downfield -- other corners can compensate for this with ball skills, but he's terrible at locating the throw or playing through the receiver's hands. Didn't look much better the few times a game they press with him, either. Fourth or fifth corner type that'll mark the least dangerous inside receiver against spread formations. Fifth round.

+ Track fast and can run downfield with most anybody
+ Valuable special teams gunner who could also return (former HS running back)
- Doesn't have the size or break-up ability to compete with bigger receivers
- Takes too many bad steps and his press technique is bad (opens up too early)
- Panicky when the ball is in the air