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Topic subjectDoran Grant, Ohio State (5'11, 193)
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2413060, Doran Grant, Ohio State (5'11, 193)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jan-20-15 01:58 AM
I thought he was undraftable based on his junior season, so major credit to him for improving since then. At this point he's got a NFL future as a back-up boundary corner, since he uses the sideline well and can disrupt routes a little in press. His hips are tight, though, especially for a sub-six-footer, and his balance down the field against route breaks isn't always there (I'm sure you could make a long cut-up video of him falling down chasing a comeback route). If he proves he can run decently, fifth or sixth round.

+ Had some great defensive moments against quality receivers (Amari Cooper, Tony Lippett)
+ Improved his coverage awareness and break-up skills tenfold since his junior season
- Not the most fluid guy, and lacks a burst when breaking down
- A career depth and special teams player