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Topic subjectSenquez Golson, Ole Miss (5'9, 176)
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2413059, Senquez Golson, Ole Miss (5'9, 176)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jan-20-15 01:57 AM
He's a first rounder in coverage, with the only flaw keeping him out of the top 32 is his size. It's not a negligible issue, as plenty of NFL receivers are going to beat him with size, but he competes for the ball in the air as well as anybody in the class.

At everything else he's a natural, and his interception total this past season (10) was no fluke -- most of those were picks he earned with his great hands and breaks on the ball. He was excellent in off-coverage at left corner, but he can be moved to slot and has the feet to play press. Damn good fundamental tackler and edge-holder for his size, too.

Regardless of his height and weight, I'm finding a spot for him on my team. Second round.

+ Smart, controlled reads of the quarterback; knows when to jump routes and when to stay back
+ Playmaker (16 career interceptions) who out-leaps and out-fights bigger opponents for the ball
+ Thrived on the outside in different types of coverage and not just a nickel corner
- Short and lacks strength, even when he's in perfect position he will lose to size