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Topic subjectBen Koyack, Notre Dame (6'5, 260)
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2413058, Ben Koyack, Notre Dame (6'5, 260)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jan-20-15 01:55 AM
Where in the fuck is Notre Dame breeding these tall, athletic, white tight ends? Every time they send one off to the NFL, there's a carbon copy starting for them the next fall, and this has been going on for the better part of a decade now.

This year’s version isn't exactly breaking any molds, and more of an "above-average blocker who can run out for a pass" than anything else. His routes are sort of methodical/awkward, but he's aware of it -- he'll use box out skills and throw inside elbows to get free. Good tracking and hands, too.

He's not going to have many plays drawn up for him, but he can attack the short areas, win a big catch downfield occasionally, and hold up his end of blocking assignments. Third or fourth round.

+ Decent run blocker (he should sustain better) and very smooth drops in pass protection
+ Lined up in slot and bunch formations, but really looks best releasing from in-line
+ Adjusts to bad passes well; smooth hands even in traffic
- Doesn't fly down the seam or have plus-athleticism
- Routes can be choppy or amateurish (running directly into a zone defender instead of stemming)