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Topic subjectJake Fisher, Oregon (6'6, 300)
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2413046, Jake Fisher, Oregon (6'6, 300)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jan-20-15 12:09 AM
I like that you know what you're getting with him. He shoots his hands quickly, and once he gets a latch, the play is essentially over for the defender. If he doesn't strike first, and can't get his hands inside, he's going to hold or look like a tackling dummy. He relies on that punch and his wingspan a lot, because his feet aren't swift enough to slide in the pocket against top-end speed.

He's got the run-blocking down pat, though. Quick to the second level, with the same punch aggression and he finishes blocks like an asshole. Oregon's offense gives them some advantages with running game numbers, but he was legitimately driving guys off the ball. A solid right tackle prospect (he played left this past season partly due to injury, but he's a two-year starter on the right side and that's his pro fit) who I'd take late in the second round.

+ Mean and fast in the run game; he can make all the blocks and do them well
+ Great wingspan with a lockdown latch
- Doesn't have much margin for error in protection, due to athletic limits
- Gets into a guessing game with elite rushers, since he has to overplay speed or punch too early