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Topic subjectD.J. Humphries, Florida (6'4, 290)
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2413045, D.J. Humphries, Florida (6'4, 290)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jan-20-15 12:08 AM
He has games where he looks like a NFL starting left tackle, and games where he looks like a back-up at right tackle. The talent's all there, however. Ideally I see him at right tackle, where he can rely on his excellent run blocking while he gets coached up on protection technique. The latter part is the key -- if he cleans up the dead feet and over-extension, he's got the movement and wingspan to play either side.

Fuck it, I'm in...boom or bust second rounder that I'm gambling on.

+ Fluid athlete who gets upfield like a man 70 pounds lighter, with plenty of room to bulk up
+ An edge clearer in the run game, against some of the best defensive ends in the country no less
+ Untapped potential after being freed from Jeff Driskel
- Plenty of "what the hell..." lapses in fundamentals
- Never played a full season due to injuries
- Might always be a tease