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Topic subjectI Agreed on ALL OF THIS until the Rose Bowl,
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2412877, I Agreed on ALL OF THIS until the Rose Bowl,
Posted by isaaaa, Mon Jan-19-15 02:19 PM
I don't know if I've ever seen a player improve so much in less than 4 weeks.

His pad level was lower, he looked EVEN FASTER and his blocking was great. I have no idea where he'll go until his pro-day.

>Hyped by the amateur scouting community before the season,
>and promptly busted once the games started. He averaged 8.0
>yards per carry on 100 touches in 2013, but this past fall
>he's been severely outplayed by both backs behind him and
>generally looked like NFL Trent Richardson's cousin.
>He's fast in a straight line and quick for his size to the
>corner, but needs a lot of things to go right for him to
>utilize those strengths, since he can't break a tackle and his
>vision is worse than atrocious. Not a bad receiver and he
>could learn to pass protect well with that size. Seventh round
>or UDFA.
>+ Valuable on special teams as a coverage guy (back-up safety
>for two years) and kick returner
>+ If a toss sweep is perfectly blocked by everybody, he will
>at least get the first down
>- Runs like he's wearing a diaper
>- No pad level, can't break shoelace tackles, cuts like he's
>got nice shoes on in the mud
>- Disturbing domestic violence allegations this season that
>aren't worth the risk given his ability

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