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Topic subjectHe could max out as Michael Bennett
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2412850, He could max out as Michael Bennett
Posted by MothershipConnection, Mon Jan-19-15 12:48 PM
Unfortunately like you said he doesn't really have a clue what to do on a pass rush. He sort of reminds me of Datone Jones' first three years at UCLA where we had this DL who should be just way too strong and fast for college OL to block but didn't really get the results you'd expect rushing the passer. Except Jones put it all together his senior year and has been a relative disappointment in the NFL so that's not working in his favor.

Owa does defend the run like a guy who's 20 pounds heavier and there's some upside there... even if his floor is a run down DE that only flashes at rushing the passer that's not a bad 2nd or 3rd round pick.