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Topic subjectNate Orchard, Utah (6'4, 255)
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2412838, Nate Orchard, Utah (6'4, 255)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-19-15 12:25 PM
A certified beast. He has a *great* get-off, and he's a terror with his hands -- all season he made offensive tackles like Peat, Fisher and Sambrailo look really bad. He can walk you back with his punch, he can fake a direction and toss you like a small child, or he can just rip outside and beat you with speed. Even if you absorb his first blow, he'll get all the coverage and second-effort sacks with his persistence.

Unfortunately he looks like he studied under Shane Ray in run defense, dice rolling on what gap the back will choose. When he keeps his leverage and attacks the man in front of him, he has enough strength to do well, but it's something he'll need to learn.

I don't think the Combine will be too kind to him, but give me the guy who's a monster on the field. Late first, early second round.

+ Rushes with speed, power and varied technique
+ Relentless with his rush and always in pursuit
+ Super productive when it mattered (7.5 of his sacks were against ranked opponents, and 6.5 more were against bowl teams)
- Not an elite athlete and has issues in space