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Topic subjectPreston Smith, Mississippi State (6'6, 270)
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2412837, Preston Smith, Mississippi State (6'6, 270)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-19-15 12:23 PM
On the outside he's solid. When he moves inside, though, he's special. A sly athlete -- his break down technique and ability to move is surprisingly good -- with tons of power. On the edge he's more of a gate-keeper against the run, since his jump is very average and he doesn't turn the corner quick enough. Slide him over a guard or center, however, and he starts making things happen.

Way too quick for interior linemen to handle, with a developing swim move (lifts it too high at times and exposes his side) and bull rush combo that's overwhelming. He's got bulk, tackles quick targets in space, and can line up from the five-technique to nose shade. I'm a big fan. Late first, early second.

+ Long arms and he uses them well
+ Functionally strong but much more agile than you'd think
+ Blows shit up when he lines up at tackle
- Typical tall man leverage problems
- Has to work hard and deceptively to get outside pressures, since he's not a natural dip-and-rip rusher