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Topic subjectMaxx Williams, Minnesota (6'4, 250)
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2412835, Maxx Williams, Minnesota (6'4, 250)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-19-15 12:20 PM
The crown rhinestone of a disastrous position group. I like the fact he played plenty of snaps in-line and as a motion blocker; he can handle himself against defensive ends and the like. He stands out this year as a receiver, though – he's really the only guy with size who can get down the seam and beat safeties. Smooth hands, often great. A little angular and straight-line in his movements, but he runs well enough for separation and his adjustments to crappy passes are excellent.

I think he's a second rounder in any year, but this spring he'll probably go in the first due to position scarcity. Not an elite NFL tight end, but will battle to be in that crowded second tier of "very good" options.

+ Consistently strong hands with impressive reach…you can throw him an off-target pass on third down with confidence
+ Blocks well enough in space and with a hand down; knows the tricks to compete against bigger and faster defenders
- Solid, not spectacular athlete
- Not NFL elite at any one trait