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Topic subjectJay Ajayi, Boise State (6'0, 216)
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2412832, Jay Ajayi, Boise State (6'0, 216)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-19-15 12:17 PM
He's fast and cuts at that speed, which is always worth something in the NFL. I like his burst – he can stick his foot in the ground and explode past a free backer -- and his hands are good enough to play on third downs. What I don't like is his vision against overmatched competition (bounces entirely too many runs outside) or upright form (especially with a skinny lower body). He's also a habitually soft fumbler.

I see him as a tandem back, a slasher you bring to create a big play, but he does having potential as a mid-range starter. Second round.

+ Quick through the line of scrimmage, with the feet to get past penetration or second level defenders
+ Has a tall, shoulders-squared running style, but not a stiff and avoids the bigger hits
+ Makes his catches, although not always in the textbook way
- Gets overconfident with his speed, running past open lanes to get the corner…NFL will shut that down
- Weak leg drive and an easy tackle when going low
- Needs anchoring strength as a pass blocker