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Topic subjectRakeem Cato, Marshall (6'1, 176)
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2412831, Rakeem Cato, Marshall (6'1, 176)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-19-15 12:16 PM
Great college player who probably won't get much more than a camp invite. His arm is below-average, as deep outs die on arrival, and he’s a frail-looking 6'1. Perhaps his biggest issue is the way he falls apart when he has to move in the pocket. He'll stand in and throw slants on the money all day, but anytime he has to step off his drop, the ball could end up anywhere. And for being in an offense that took so many downfield shots, his long-range accuracy isn't anything special. Seventh round, or more likely, a UDFA.

+ Big balls in clutch situations
- Barely meets the most minimum physical requirements to play in the NFL