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Topic subjectHayes Pullard, USC (6'1, 235)
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2409520, Hayes Pullard, USC (6'1, 235)
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 09:56 PM
I'll be lazy here, but the similarities to Malcolm Smith (former Trojan) are too evident. Not the biggest guy, especially with how active he is around the LOS, but instincts for days against the run and always making tackles. Just like Smith, he's a more dangerous blitzer than you'd expect and does some OK work in the short passing game (although Smith was better at the latter part in college).

A very good back-up type who can step in for a series, quarter or game and be the next man up without a huge drop-off. Fourth or fifth round.

+ Attacks downhill and will make an impact on special teams
+ The one-man, running back screen killer
- Gets a lot of passes completed right past his head
- Tweener between replacement-level starter and above-average depth