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Topic subjectDenzel Perryman, Miami-FL (6'1, 242)
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2409519, Denzel Perryman, Miami-FL (6'1, 242)
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 09:55 PM
A lot of fun to watch in college. He was always flying around and making big hits; one of those fast, old-school enforcer linebackers The U is known for. I don't think he'll make a great transition to the pros, however.

He's stout, has a burst and *really* good moving forward...great run stuffer, right? Well, not consistently. For stretches he slips off blocks like they're nothing, then he gets mauled at the second level on three straight runs. I've seen him pancake an offensive tackle, and a few plays later, get run over by a slot receiver. Same goes for his tackling, which is an even mix of highlight-reel hits and air tackles. That unevenness is a big problem, because his coverage isn't good at all. Big splash plays against the run, but you can't rely on him from series to series. Fourth round.

+ Cuts through gaps with anticipation and overwhelming quickness
+ Instinctive at the LOS and plays fast against the run
- His coverage drops against crossing routes is like an infant doing a Rubik's cube
- Short arms that give him problems as a blitzer, getting off blocks and especially contesting passes
- Inconsistent tackler that goes for death blows instead of wrap-ups