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Topic subjectBenardrick McKinney, Mississippi State (6'5, 249)
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2409515, Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi State (6'5, 249)
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 09:45 PM
He's great at what he does, but his game is a bit antiquated for the modern NFL. Probably the best tackler in the draft -- he always wraps up and when he hits you, it's violent and abrupt. Very much like Dont'a Hightower as a tackler. He's no stiff, either; he can move to the edge and shut it down against fast, elusive backs. Great instincts when shown motion and counters, too.

Pass defense is his limiter, though. He's one of those robots in zone coverage -- tell him to drop to a spot, and he drops *exactly* to that spot, without any feel for the routes being run around him -- and is going to lose battles in man coverage after five yards. He'll get moved hard on play-action flow too. Probably worst of all, he gets panicky when a pass is in his area code and will mug the nearest body.

He'd be a late first-rounder 15 years ago. But I can't really see spending a top-64 selection on a guy who'll see fewer snaps than your nickel corner. A bigger Brandon Spikes-type. Third round, sub-package defender.

+ Rarely, if ever, blocked out of a gap and punishes linemen with his wingspan and strength
+ Sure tackler that drops runners like they hit a wall (even if he doesn't have a perfect angle)
- He'll have to be hidden in pass coverage and limited to flat route assignments
- Not a good pass rusher, so viability is only on first and second down