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Topic subjectAlvin Dupree, Kentucky (6'4, 264)
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2409509, Alvin Dupree, Kentucky (6'4, 264)
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 09:37 PM
I can't figure out what he does, or is supposed to be doing, that's so impressive. He has a good-to-very-good jump for his size, but doesn't convert it into pressure (few secondary moves and he overruns the pocket often). The majority of his sacks came against bad offensive tackles or on complete protection busts. He's flexible enough to drop into short coverage (where he does nothing most of the time), but not a great athlete in the NFL sense. Average run defender. Basically, it's one big shrug watching him play.

If my team took him in the top three rounds, I'd have preferred someone else.

+ Consistent swipe move with his hands to keep offensive tackles off him
+ Played both defensive end and outside linebacker spots
- Doesn't show strength in his hands and gets engulfed on power rushes or better drive blocking
- Not awful at anything, just a boring, average prospect