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Topic subjectRashad Greene, Florida State (6'0, 180)
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2409508, Rashad Greene, Florida State (6'0, 180)
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 09:36 PM
I wrote him off in 2013 as an unremarkable system player. He still is, but does enough things well to make me at least appreciate him. Most importantly, his awareness is incredibly high -- he always knows where the nearest three defenders are, and how to adjust his body or turn to run a certain way when they close in. That Spider-Sense kept him from taking many hits, even though he worked over the middle a ton. Polished route-runner and he catches nearly everything that gets close to him. Plus, he basically carried the offense during the first half of the season when the younger receivers weren't ready and Karlos Williams was running into the back of Tre Jackson every other play.

It was the end of the season that was more of a highlight of his drawbacks. I'll bet he's not his listed size unless he has pads on, which shows up against better corners. We all saw the Oregon disappearance, and Vernon Hargreaves III wore him out in the Florida game...aside from a first-half back-shoulder throw, Winston stopped looking his way. He just doesn't have the skills to stand out in those cases. Still worth a look as a rotational receiver in the fifth round.

+ Controls his speed very well, setting up defenders with smooth acceleration and throttle-downs in zone
+ Decent punt returner
- Is going to be less talented than most corners he sees in the pros
- Rail thin, he's got a JV build at the NFL level