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Topic subjectNelson Agholor, USC (6'0, 190)
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2409507, Nelson Agholor, USC (6'0, 190)
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 09:34 PM
So clutch on third down. Defenses know it's coming to him, USC doesn't do much to hide it, and he still finds a way to get open. Out of his break, he has some of the cleanest and quickest cuts in the country – hitches, pivot routes, short outs and drags are all automatic with him. He'll run those all day, and bleed defenses to death from the slot. Try and overplay the short game, and he's got enough speed to get vertical on an out-and-up or sluggo.

Size is an issue, not so much with his height but his scrawny build. UCLA pressed him with Myles Jack and he had a hell of a time getting off it (although that says more about Jack than him). Still, he needs to get stronger. He'll also drop some gimmies now and again. Overall though, he's a stick-moving inside receiver who I'd want him on my team for the right value. Third round.

+ Slices up zone coverage and too quick for most underneath defenders in man
+ Excellent at the scramble drill and works himself open when improvising
+ Plays much tougher than he looks (taken big hits and not scared to get a ball between the hashes)
- Lightweight, skinny physique and the more athletic, NFL-sized defenders will knock him around some
- Strictly a slot weapon that'll look ordinary as a number two, outside receiver