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Topic subjectBrandon Bridge, South Alabama (6'5, 235)
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2409506, Brandon Bridge, South Alabama (6'5, 235)
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 09:33 PM
He's got interesting tools...but is a long, long way from ever seeing a NFL field. When he steps between the lines he looks like a pro quarterback, with great size and the mobility to make things happen off scrambles. It's his arm, however, that's most intriguing -- he's got an absolute cannon attached to his shoulder. He can shoot lasers into NFL-sized windows (which his receivers often dropped). Even with his legs being taken out from him, I've seen him fall backwards and throw a 25-yard deep out, to the opposite hash, with smoke on it.

He has to be built from the ground up, though. Mechanics are more like ideas with him at this point, whether it's the insane elbow drop on his deliver or the footwork that is jacked up in nearly every way possible. Coverage traps and zone in general confuse him, and he'll start feeling pressure in the pocket that isn't there. He might need more time and reps than any team could possibly give to a third-string quarterback. A time capsule project for the end of the draft.

+ Big-time NFL arm talent, and on the higher scale
- Starting from the bottom in nearly every facet of basic quarterbacking
- Even if he mastered all the fundamentals, there's serious questions as to whether he'll be anything more than an impressive camp arm