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Topic subjectA faster and more fluid Terrance Williams.
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2409427, A faster and more fluid Terrance Williams.
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-11-15 05:56 PM
He's not going to sustain a passing game himself, but the one thing he does well -- get vertical -- will make everyone else a little more open. Safeties will drop deeper, corners will give more cushion, and coverages will stretch to his side. If he's outside he'll draw someone over the top, and he really gets scary in the slot; defensive coordinators who normally put a safety on an inside receiver will be shitting themselves.

He's not very strong and doesn't have much of a route tree right now, but he's not one of those stiff deep threats that can't move laterally. So I see him adding on to his speed game (comebacks and drags could be killer) in the future. Second round.

+ Touchdown threat on any snap
+ Gets to top speed before most defensive backs can get out of their pedal
+ Very good body adjustments to deep passes; he finds the ball out of the air naturally
- He'll go up and get it with his hands when needed, but lots of body traps
- Needs some bulk and better release technique on the outside against NFL press
- Might have a longer learning curve than most, as far as route adjustments and reading coverages