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Topic subjectThomas Davis 2.0 (I like him on the outside)
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2408705, Thomas Davis 2.0 (I like him on the outside)
Posted by will_5198, Fri Jan-09-15 05:46 PM
He covers the slot better than any safety in this draft, and there wasn't a tight end in the country this season that he wouldn't have handled man-up. He's a little light in the ass but it's a non-issue to me; Ryan Shazier played under 230 in college and Thompson will be around the same size as him, C.J. Mosley and DeAndre Levy (i.e., three of the better linebackers in the league). Right now he fights through/around blockers well enough and he closes down the sideline quickly. Mid-first round and a longtime, effective starter.

+ Natural coverage ability: reads routes, has patient feet and great ball skills
+ Playmaker (four defensive touchdowns last season) and solid open field tackler who even dominates on coverage teams
+ Stacks and sheds interior linemen better than you’d think
+ Might be better than your back-up running back too
- Gets pushed around inside against quick guards who can get a hold of him