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Topic subjectDorial Green-Beckham, Oklahoma (6'6, 225)
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2408673, Dorial Green-Beckham, Oklahoma (6'6, 225)
Posted by will_5198, Fri Jan-09-15 04:13 PM
Bust. He's tall and can run fade routes, otherwise I dislike nearly everything else about his game. Hands are extremely inconsistent, with a ton of body catches and flubs mixed in with good snares. He can run well in a line, but his change of direction is sluggish. Routes are average to borderline terrible, as he routinely gets jammed by 5'10 corners. Could barely find his way into the lineup as a freshman, and never had a significant performance against an elite SEC defense (Auburn doesn't count...and he was dropping touchdowns in that one anyway). Oh yeah, he also smoked himself out of his first school and dragged his girlfriend outside by her hair.

He's an unfinished, going-through-the-motions prospect with more baggage than you want and less talent than people say. Fourth round.

+ Excellent range and indefensible height on fade routes; a touchdown-maker inside the 10
- Can play small and soft when challenged by press or downfield contact
- Way, way behind as a technician; just ran go routes, fades and screens in college (and not perfectly)
- Apathetic blocker
- Not explosive with his first step and needs space to get up to speed