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Topic subjectT.J. Yeldon, Alabama (6'2, 221)
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2406802, T.J. Yeldon, Alabama (6'2, 221)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:32 AM
Some dumbass on OKS wrote he could've played in the NFL as a freshman...probably the same person who thought Trent Richardson would be a faster Maurice Jones-Drew. Anyway, he'd still be a solid option for a zone team, but the shine has dulled on him and the dent marks a lot more obvious. I can't stand his running style, with his chest out and tap-dancing, but he gets away with it because his line lets him find the corner untouched. When he *has* to make somebody miss, he can do it, and once he picks a lane he runs decisively and tough. But his pad level is still bad and he doesn't run away from people.

Well-sized cutback runner who plays smaller than his numbers and needs to learn how to run at the NFL level. Third or fourth round.

+ Quick feet and initial burst for his size...when he wants to
+ Doesn't get many chances, but shows natural ability as a receiver
- Small hands and makes some of the dumbest fumbles ever (blindly stretching the ball out while being hit, 10 yards past the marker)
- Sucks at pass protection