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Topic subjectAlex Carter, Stanford (6'0, 202)
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2406801, Alex Carter, Stanford (6'0, 202)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:30 AM
I watched a ton of Stanford this season and struggle to think of anything remarkable about him. Sometimes he makes a play in coverage, although rarely a great one. Sometimes he gets beat, but never too badly. His measurables are fine. His awareness inconsistent (he made a sick read against Mariota this year, nearly picking him off in an impossible situation...then a game later he's giving up slants with inside leverage). It's all very unexciting.

No severe flaws, so at least you can put him on the field and expect a strong baseline performance of mediocrity. Right now he's got ability, but plays like the definition of "just a guy." Third round.

+ Has all the height/weight/speed/athleticism numbers to start in the NFL
+ Started at LCB, but can play anywhere and switched between off-coverage and press frequently in college
+ Will only be 20 years old when the NFL season starts, so I could be underestimating his growth potential
- Boring as hell...and not because he's on complete lockdown, he's still getting beat here and there
- Capable of incredibly smart plays, but also makes freshman-age undisciplined errors