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Topic subjectJalen Collins, LSU (6'2, 198)
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2406800, Jalen Collins, LSU (6'2, 198)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:29 AM
He's everything you want for from a big, boundary press corner -- long arms, big jab, speed -- except for one significant flaw: he can't find the ball. When he gets a break on a pass, it looks like his palms are on backwards trying to make an interception. When he's in trail coverage or has to recover, he just stares at the sky and waves his arms in prayer.

First five yards though, he makes it tough on anybody with his length and jam. He put a lid on Amari Cooper's vertical routes, and also handled Laquon Treadwell this season. After five yards it can be tough on him, since he's a little high-waisted and takes false steps.

Very, very system specific (he'll get whipped covering the slot or even the field side) with second round physical tools. Inability to track the most important object in the game drops him to a third rounder for me.

+ Fits the tall corner mold that the NFL is leaning towards
+ Big-time press ability; he can stun the big boy receivers with one punch
- Hips open up too often and he forgets his feet
- Fast (he caught Melvin Gordon from behind) but sometimes plays slower than that due to awareness/technique