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Topic subjectDante Fowler Jr., Florida (6'3, 261)
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2406799, Dante Fowler Jr., Florida (6'3, 261)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:27 AM
Hustle player with highly athletic tools. He's an amorphous defender who can line up at six different positions, and give you disruption from each of those spots. I like him standing up and coming at offenses from different angles, since he's a real slippery blitzer and uses his hands well against blockers. That said, he lacks a defined "go-to" spot -- he's quick but not a superior speed rusher, and he shoots gaps well against the run but is a victim against stronger linemen. The whole "good at everything, not great at one thing" ordeal.

Relentless, though, and he's got a deep array of pass-rushing moves that can only get better. He's talented enough to move around from snap to snap and get the best match-up, which is how a smart defensive coordinator will use him. First round.

+ He can rush from either side, up the middle (might be best at that) and even blow up *running* plays from a three-tech spot (he started his career at defensive tackle)
+ Strong hands that he utilizes perfectly, plus a solid arsenal of spins/rips/swims
+ Deadly on twists and stunts, but has the ability to drop into man coverage on checkdown options
- Causes all sorts of problems against pulls and the like, but direct drive-blocking gives him issues
- Bad habit of coming in high and not breaking down, missed a handful of sacks this season because of that