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Topic subjectShane Ray, Missouri (6'3, 245)
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2406798, Shane Ray, Missouri (6'3, 245)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:26 AM
He's nearly as good as Beasley rushing the passer. Comparable first step and he's got the same depth of counters and moves. Fantastic hands and side-to-side movement – he just doesn't let linemen get a hold of him when going after the quarterback. He's smart, too; he has a plan of attack and set-ups against any tackle that starts to overplay one thing.

He'll have to stand up though, because he's atrocious against the run. No gap discipline at all; maybe he's slanting sometimes but all the double-gapping he does can't be designed. He does the dancing because straight-up he gets mauled...he can barely hold an edge with his hand down. His rare coverage drops are decent though, so no worries there. Top half of the first round.

+ Already mastered the three most important parts of pass rushing: hands, quickness and technique
+ Incredible lateral speed; he never gets neutral in one position and eventually finds a crease
- Just guessing versus the run