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Topic subjectRandy Gregory, Nebraska (6'6, 240)
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2406797, Randy Gregory, Nebraska (6'6, 240)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:24 AM
He's probably the most talented defensive player in the draft. Also one of the more underdeveloped. Last season I was really down on him, since there were whole games where he looked like shit, but he's progressed to the point where his awful moments are rare. When he's on, he does crazy things like get pressure on a three-step drop in shotgun, chase down receivers from the backside and force triple-team blocks.

One thing I'm semi-concerned with is his balance. He falls down a lot. Not completely to the ground, but it's enough lunging and slipping to stop his own rush -- that's a killer for his position. He also seems to drift through games, to the point you forget he's on the field for a quarter. However, his improvement from sophomore to junior year was massive (even though his stats fell off), which is a good sign for more progress to come.

He's going to tear up the Combine and go in the top five. It just may take a couple of years to get the player you expect.

+ Incredible jump, closing burst and arm length, plus his hand strength is elite
+ The best A-gap blitzer in the country and impossible to cut block
+ Only played two years of FBS football, and missed 2012 with a leg injury, so a ton of room to grow
+ High level pursuit player
- Getting better, but can go for long rides against run blocking
- Sizable stretches where he doesn't play up to his potential