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Topic subjectVic Beasley, Clemson (6'3, 235)
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2406796, Vic Beasley, Clemson (6'3, 235)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:22 AM
He's going to be really good. Instant pass rush to any defense you add him to. I'm not too worried about his size; his arms look long enough and he does a great job with his hands to keep tackles off his chest. Ridiculous first step. What makes him better than any other edge rusher in this draft are his inside moves; he already had grab and rip options, but then he perfected a spin move this year that undressed some really good tackles. One of his inside counters against Florida State split the tackle and guard in about 1.5 seconds…I haven't seen a double beat that fast since Von Miller.

Best pass rusher in the draft. Top ten.

+ Fast, locks out bigger tackles with great hand strength and wingspan
+ Smart, technical rusher who comes with a plan of attack and adapts to tendencies
- Lacks height and thin frame that's close to maxed out (he'll be 23 when the season starts)
- Not used to dropping in coverage at all, if that's what your defense calls for at times