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Topic subjectArik Armstead, Oregon (6'8, 290)
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2406794, Arik Armstead, Oregon (6'8, 290)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:20 AM
He got a lot better this year, but he's still just a run defender. He carries his size extremely well -- he looks like a ripped, bulked up linebacker – and can be dominating against single run-blocking. His punch is vicious, so once he gets his arms extended he can move linemen however he wants. There are a ton of plays where he blows up a tight end or guard and doesn't get any stat credit for ruining the run.

Too bad "methodical" is the most flattering I can be when it comes to his pass rushing. It's usually just straight power, which can get a pressure here and there, but he's not a closer and his jump isn't good. In 37 games against FBS opponents, he has...2.5 career sacks. Maybe NFL coaching can get a little more out of him, but I see his career as a multi-front, hand-down, two-down player. Third round (although I'm excited about his teammate DeForest Buckner, who is reportedly staying in school but does all the same things better).

+ Great size and gap flexibility against the run
+ Big body agility to chase down the line or split gaps for TFLs
- Still gets upright at times
- Not an edge threat and lacks quickness at the start and end of rushes