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Topic subjectTy Sambrailo, Colorado State (6'5, 315)
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2406790, Ty Sambrailo, Colorado State (6'5, 315)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:15 AM
He was a left tackle in college, but isn't going to stick there (or even on the right). Which is fine; he's got an ugly, guard's body and a nasty attitude -- he plays to the echo of the whistle when run-blocking. He's got a good initial drop in protection, but all his problems came on inside moves he couldn't counter or NFL speed that beat his kick-slide. Those issues are mitigated at guard. However, he did get away with a lot of technique flaws due to the level of competition. Annoying "tough guy" that teams love to have and opponents hate. Fourth or fifth round.

+ Bully as a run blocker; he'll shove a defender 10 yards downfield just because he can
- Drops his head a ton after his initial strike; can end up on his knees too much
- Arms aren't positively proportionate to his height and overall his physique looks sloppy