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Topic subjectAndrus Peat, Stanford (6'7, 313)
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2406784, Andrus Peat, Stanford (6'7, 313)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:11 AM
In a perfect world he comes back for an injury-free senior year, because he has a lot to work on. He's pro-ready right today as a run blocker; he destroys defensive linemen as well as anybody in the draft. He can also move -- I've seen him pull across the formation and bury Myles Jack running in space.

In protection there are issues. Mainly, he lays his hands on rushers instead of attacking them with his punch. The better college players can swipe them away or power right through; God help him when an elite NFL defensive end sees him trying to slap at his numbers. Even now there's a lot of bending and lunging and falling backwards against guys that weigh 60 pounds less. His feet are solid though, and he's nimble for his size, so if he can learn to hit people while moving backwards, he'll be fine (though not spectacular).

With his skill-set I think he's a great fit at right tackle. Late first this year; could be top 12 next season (well, he could go top 15 this draft too...but these are my grades).

+ Takedown run blocker who can reach anybody on the field
+ As good on screens downfield as he is in short yardage; really punishes people and is agile for his size
- On the ground way too much as a pass blocker, gets bullied due to a soft first strike
- I wonder about his wingspan sometimes...doesn't seem to match his height