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Topic subjectKevin White, West Virginia (6'3, 210)
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2406780, Kevin White, West Virginia (6'3, 210)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jan-05-15 01:08 AM
Pure production. He doesn't blow you away with any individual skill, but the composite is great and he stays filling up the box score. He's got instincts for the position -- the body control, his balance along the sideline, the little jab steps that get big separation -- and his hands are huge. Seriously, he can one-palm anything near him (although they're not perfect; he does drop a few). Versatile, too...the whole field and route tree is open to him. He lines up at all three receiver positions and works the screen game just as well as he gets loose downfield.

Well-rounded target who has better upside than most twos, although not quite a true number one. Late first round, early second.

+ Hands-catcher and press-beater no matter where he lines up
+ Quicker than fast, but enough speed to threaten safety help and great tracking ability
- Needs to play through contact better on 50/50 passes
- Gets open plenty but can improve his routes; gives away tells and lets corners jump his break