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Topic subjectMario Edwards Jr., Florida State (6'3, 294)
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2402502, Mario Edwards Jr., Florida State (6'3, 294)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Dec-23-14 01:43 PM
Above-average run stopper but I don't see much more potential than that. He sets a hell of an edge, and I've seen him blow up two linemen, a fullback, and *still* make the tackle on the same run play. He's got a burst and compact build that's really hard to hit a gap against. Plus he can play any position across the line.

Nothing doing as a pass rusher, however. He has one move -- the bull rush -- and hasn't shown the talent to develop more. OK, sometimes he'll show a swim or rip, but it's so rare I barely count it. He's slow around the corner, doesn't have the dip and burst to get NFL pressure and hand usage is minimal. Sad part is he'll keep doing the same thing for the entire game no matter how ineffective it is. You're conceding a rusher by keeping him on the field for passing downs.

He'd be helpful for any NFL front, but won't elicit much enthusiasm to grab high. Someone will probably bite in the third round.

+ Athletic run defender who can take on multiple blocks or get penetration
+ Versatile enough to play any gap or technique...
- ...But also sort of a tweener
- Less than ideal wingspan with a remedial grasp of pass rushing skills (no counters, plans, etc.)