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Topic subjectShilique Calhoun, Michigan State (6'5, 256)
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2402500, Shilique Calhoun, Michigan State (6'5, 256)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Dec-23-14 01:42 PM
An eye-test player that doesn't match his reputation. He's got an imposing, NFL-ready frame, looking like he's going to step on the field and crack heads open. Then the game starts...and a whole lot of nothing happens.

There's plenty of snaps where it's obvious he's holding gaps and letting the backers clean-up, which is fine, but he also gets single-blocked by tight ends on runs. Once he's "unleashed" on passing downs, the majority of his rushes are just him leaning into the tackle. Sometimes he breaks out a spin move, where he usually ends up falling down before he completes the 360. His biggest issue is his patty cake hands -- he doesn't use them to get off blocks at all. You can be rangy and fast and athletic, but if you're not punching off linemen you're not going to be a threat. Sadly it's a two-year trend from last season that he never corrected.

Now occasionally he goes for inside-outside fakes when he rushes, and is actually damn good at those when he uses them. Because he's quick off the snap and can get linemen unbalanced. He's also an excellent pursuit player. That still gives him a long way to go as an every-down impact defender, though. If he stays in school he has top 50 potential. He comes out now and I'd put him in the fourth round.

+ Great size and reach, if he could harness those powers for good
+ Surprising jump off the line and has his moments as a run defender
- Doesn't have great closing speed and his balance sucks...a ton of whiffs in the backfield
- Some of the worst hands I've seen from a well-regarded defensive linemen, he gets glued onto blocks
- Whole series go by where an H-back is handling him with no help