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Topic subjectRonnie Stanley, Notre Dame (6'5, 315)
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2402492, Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame (6'5, 315)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Dec-23-14 01:36 PM
He can do it all. First year at left tackle and he was a natural, showing elite balance against all the tricky parts of the position (inside counter moves, outside speed, second level blocks). He started out a little shaky, and had a couple bad series after that, but he was the best player on the field against Florida State, Stanford and arguably USC.

One of the few college tackles that have the feet to mirror the fastest rushers (I'd say only him and Ogbuehi qualify in this draft). He's just as good drive blocking, and makes some amazing downfield blocks on screens (not many tackles can snipe a safety 15 yards away). First round with the best yet to come.

+ Great natural build for left tackle and excellent arm length
+ Controlled athleticism; he can jump out against blitzing defensive backs and gets to the second level with purpose
+ Huge improvement this season and will only get better with more experience at the position
- Has a few bad snaps where he forgets his technique, either bending too much or stopping his feet