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Topic subjectCedric Ogbuehi, Texas A&M (6'5, 300)
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2402489, Cedric Ogbuehi, Texas A&M (6'5, 300)
Posted by will_5198, Tue Dec-23-14 01:36 PM
I'll make a lot of excuses for him because I still believe in his talent. In fact, he was probably too talented for college -- he got away with sloppy habits his entire career because most defenders couldn't beat his natural ability.

The one glaring issue is his passive punch. His wingspan is so good, and his hands so quick, he can usually keep them holstered near his waist and wait to strike. I've routinely seen him stop an inside rush using just one arm. However, defensive ends started to pick up on that and went right for his chest, and nobody is good enough to hold their ground once a defender has a latch on your numbers. That led to some walk-back pressure and lunging (although the sacks allowed number is inflated by Kenny Hill and Kyle Allen lacking much pocket presence).

To me, all that is correctable. The uncoachable stuff is what's appealing: he's an excellent run blocker for left tackle, his movement range is crazy (he runs downfield like a receiving tight end, sealing off linebackers eight yards away) and he's got the most agile big man feet in the draft. Even with his struggles this season, when everything comes together he's the kind of prospect that can be an offensive cornerstone starter for a decade. A top five talent that I'd gladly take in the top 15.

+ Create-a-player body type and athleticism for left tackle: elite wingspan, feet to mirror the quickest of inside or outside rushes and no bad weight
+ Smart enough to change positions three times in three years, with the upside of inexperience at any one spot
+ Most teams are happy enough if you can keep the quarterback clean, but he can be just as dominant as a run blocker
- Game is almost too easy for him and lures him into mistakes, will need better focus as a pro