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Topic subjectLeonard Williams, USC (6'5, 291)
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2399178, Leonard Williams, USC (6'5, 291)
Posted by will_5198, Sat Dec-13-14 07:18 PM
He's a game-changer…on run defense. You can't single block him, because his leverage and strength are so freakish that he sled drives all linemen into the backfield. Doubles are no problem, he'll sink and anchor both gaps at worst, or just straight slice through them with his athleticism. Nose, one-tech, end...he's going to give every other defender a better match-up.

Thing is, he can't rush the passer. At least not now. He's last-guy-in-motion slow when rushing from end, and only a little faster when they kick him inside. Once he gets going he'll try and bully his way into the backfield with power, but the difference in protection is the linemen just have to stay in front of you, not move you anywhere. His pure strength breaks them down eventually, but that takes too long against NFL quarterbacks. Maybe he learns some moves that he can play off his punch, maybe not. It's the one (big) thing keeping him from being a top three player, since it's hard to justify taking any defender that high who doesn't change the passing game. Top ten though.

+ Perfect size and wingspan for the five technique, his measurables would bring a tear down Belichick's haggard, deviled face
+ You cannot set an edge against his side, he basically takes out half the run plays from your playbook
+ Fits in any front and can two-gap while everyone else plays one
+ Even when he's stalling as a rusher, he can still draw two blockers
- Mediocre burst off the snap
- No pass rush moves or set-ups