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Topic subjectDuke Johnson, Miami-FL (5'9, 206)
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2398807, Duke Johnson, Miami-FL (5'9, 206)
Posted by will_5198, Fri Dec-12-14 01:59 AM
Built and plays like a complementary back. He's not going to get much going inside, although he tries his best and will break poor tackle attempts with how hard he cuts. He'll be best as a change of pace and third-down weapon, since he can hit a long one if he can clear the line of scrimmage and is a smooth route-runner. Third or fourth round.

+ Fast, pinball runner who can make a defense look bad if given an alley
+ Asset in the outlet game, and can run intermediate-to-advanced level routes from the backfield
- Undersized for number one duties, struggles in pass protection
- No power in his leg drive, if he can't cut around you he’s going to the ground
- Fast...but not as fast as Gordon and Coleman